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We all have one; and we generally never listened to them when we were we know exactly what they meant, as we are now telling our children the same things.


What are your memories of your mum?

Me, I remember the cooking and the baking mostly, a shy  4 year old little girl standing on a shaky chair peering over the kitchen worktop with a spoon (any spoon) in your hand, just waiting for YOUR job, which mostly entailed licking the spoon! You thought you were the most important person in the world at that time, looking up at your mum, the marvellous lady who could turn these powdery, gooey, yucky looking things into a sweet, yummy cake (and she let you help)

My mum gained all of her baking knowledge from my granny McKirdy (an amazing lady) who was a cook to trade and a fabulous baker. All that “granny Mckirdy” wisdom and knowledge actually created the Dessert Depot and The Handmade Cheesecake Company, because if my granny never spent the time with her children, to teach them how to bake and to share her ability with them, my mum and aunt would never have had the dream of cake and cheesecakes meaning everyone would have missed out on their fabulous desserts.

Do we continue this tradition with our children?

 We certainly do in my household. My son Angus is now 5years old, and when the word cake is mentioned, he runs into the kitchen, pushing his little stool over to the worktop and grabs a spoon, shouting   “what kind of cake mummy” And it doesn’t matter what kind of cake, my son wants to learn and more importantly, he just wants to spend time with his mummy, helping her in any way he can. These times are so special and it is such a shame that life has become so hurried and people just don’t feel that this time is time well spent. Computer games have taken over and the virtual world is now real life. Time goes by so quick, we are all so busy with work and other things, but take a minute to give your child some of your knowledge that has been sent down through generations, he/she will love you for it and hopefully continue the message.

So why not spoil your mum with a yummy cake or cheesecake from people who keep the tradition alive.

We have a mothers day cheesecake, a white and milk chocolate layered cheesecake topped off with a chocolate ganache and personalised with our special words.

Or why not pick one of our fab cakes.

angus cake            Mothers Day   

                                        MG 0031


One Year On...



Well it has been one whole year since I started in the family business of desserts, and can I say what a great year it has been.

Working with the family?



I had worked in the Dental sector since I left school and had got to a level where I couldn’t go much further in my job. I loved every aspect of it… meeting new people, remembering little things about peoples lives and all the wonderful stories we were told, this did make you feel very close to all the people who put their trust in you completely. The thing I most enjoyed was working with children, I was a Childsmile nurse, and always looked forward to my sessions with all the little star brushers. I had always wanted to work for the family business and even more so when I had my own little boy"Angus", so when the opportunity came up I jumped at the chance.

I left everything I knew and started off in a completely new direction, from teeth to cakes.

Your view to work completely changes when you work with your family. You don’t mind working that extra hour or putting that extra bit of effort in. My family has an extremely close bond and this helps when times get busy, and oh my do they get busy in here. But in saying that, the whole work force is like an extended family, the commitment and effort that everyone gives, goes above and beyond sometimes.

So, do I prefer teeth or cakes, do I honestly need to answer that one…….

I never knew that so many different cakes, tray bakes, tarts, torts, pies and cheesecakes existed on the planet. But how quickly I got to know them all, and well.

                       Caramel Apple Tart                                                                                                  Blizzard Bar

 caramel apple tart                                            blizzard bar


So here is to a year with The Handmade Cheesecake Company, I may be slightly rounder than a year ago but I am happier than ever.



Clocks going backwards



Well...the clocks have gone back again… Dark nights in, snuggled up on the couch with your onesie on, a warm fire glowing in the background. Children playing in the crisp nights, cosied up in hats and scarves, trying to become the champion at conkers It all sounds lovely…


 conk ers


But the reality is, Dark cold, wet and windy nights, getting soaked as you get from one place to another, when you finally make it home someone has left a window open so the house is freezing, a warm bath (no chance if you have any children in the household, you will never have a relaxing hot soak to yourself again, there will always be a little face appearing at the door as soon as you light a candle)Having to setle with playing conkers in the kitchen, as the conkers would not stay still in the wild wind(not that seems to bother Angus) Finally a leak appears in the ceiling and you fear there is no escape from the rain now. But there is always something that will not change……Cake!


No matter whether you are one of the lucky ones that get to enjoy a snuggled up night in front of fire, or you are the one (which would be me) that appears at the front door, looking like drowned rat. Cake never fails to cheer you up and put a smile on your face. My favourite cake just now, I say just now as it changes daily, is  our White Chocolate and Coconut Explosion, or the snowball cake as I like to call it.

 snow ball cake


This wonderful cake has a light sponge sandwiched with a zingy Strawberry jam and a creamy layer a Buttercream. This is topped off with a generous layer of Buttercream, a dusting a coconut and a shake of white Belgian Chocolate curls.

I say, bring on the dark, cold, wet, wintery nights… we have a delicious Snowball cake to through back at you, if there is any left.

Handmade Summer Feeling

summer sun



What a summer we are having just now, and as typical Scottish folk we are never happy. Instead of enjoying the warm weather on our skin, hosting bbqs and jumping over waves in the sea carefree, instead we are moaning that it is too warm to sit in the sun, there are too many flies at the bbq and the sea smells funny.

Awh well, at least we all still love a good slice of cake or cheesecake on these hot days and warm nights.

Our Eton Mess Cake most definitely ticks all the boxes of Summer, this is a slice of sunshine on a plate. A light sponge cake sandwiched with vanilla frosting and strawberry jam. Strawberry pieces are then infused in a river of strawberry sauce and marbled into a light and fluffy frosting and sprinkled with crunchy meringue pieces....YUM!





Staying on the idea of summer cakes, here at Handmade Cheesecake HQ we are brainstorming for new, fresh and funky cheesecake and cakes. Its always fun to throw some ideas about, however strange they might sound. Sometimes the combinations that do not seem to go together are the ones that work the best. Watch this space…..something magical is going to happen.






We do tend to pride ourselves on our Cheesecakes at Handmade Cheesecake Company HQ, but we also bake a mean cake!


We had a request from a lovely lady in Ireland, to bake a Chocoholics Fudge Cake for her friends 40th birthday. We do offer a beautiful moist Fudge Flake Cake, but we needed more chocolate to satisfy the craving of a true Chocoholic........with the help of a true friend we came up with the Chocoholics Fudge Cake.


                                                                                                  Our Fudge Flake Cake

                                                        fudge flake


To me the idea of a cake with as much chocolate as you can handle, is complete heaven and it was a pleasure to have such a request.

The masterpeice started with three layers of our moist chocolate sponge, sandwiched together with a truly moreish.... but also light and fluffy chocolate cream. It was then spread all over with lashings of Belgian chocolate fudge, re- living the baking and making of this cake is sending me a little giddy, i might just pop down into the bakery and get them to make me one all for me!
Back to the cake.....after the spreading, the cake resembled a huge chocolate fudge surprise sent from chocolate heaven. Little chocolate kit-Kat soldiers were then lined up all round the cake incasing it in a great big chocolate hug. We then cascaded maltesers all over the top finishing off the creation with a lovely purple ribbon.


Our Chocoholics Dream Cake

                                                                  chocoholics fudge cake


We got a lovely email back from the lady who ordered the cake, saying her friend is crazy about it, calling it ''a serious piece of choccie cake''

So for all you chocoholics, jellyholics or you just love cake, here at the Handmade Cheesecake Company we are very open to discuss your ideas, however wacky they may be.




Pop up Shops- Pop in and Pop out!


Pop up shops are popping up everywhere just now. What do you think about them?


                      pop up  2 



The idea behind the pop up shop is that limited stock is sold for a limited time only, thus bringing a fresh exclusive feel to shopping. Nowadays I think we have lost touch with good old fashioned shopping, touching the fabric of a skirt or smelling the fresh strawberries on a cheesecake, these things are all key factors to buying which sadly have been lost in a world of finger clickers. Too many of us are professional internet shoppers (including myself)


We hosted our third pop up shop in the highly acclaimed Silverburn shopping centre last weekend and it was a huge success. People came in masses just to buy our cheesecakes! We brought along Strawberry and white chocolate, millionaires, caramel shortcake, dark chocolate and lime, Ferrero rocher and a special “Silverburn” cheesecake (chocolate and chilli) The cheesecakes were flying off the shelves, so fast we had to head back to our bakery and gather more stock!



              Dark Chocolate and Lime Cheesecake                                                                   Strawberry and White Chocolate Cheesecake


lime 1 strawberry 1


Silverburn was such a lovely venue to work in and the staff could not have been more helpful from start to finish. It made our experience even more special. When we entered Silverburn the sun gave us a wonderful welcome and we never lost that holiday feeling all weekend. We will be most definetly popping back up again, check out our facebook page for more details.


 We would like to thank everyone who made the weekend so special and we had so much fun and enjoyed meeting with you all!


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