Gift Vouchers

A Cake Lover’s Dream Gift…

We have such a variety of delicious cheesecakes and tempting desserts, that we accept it can be difficult to choose the perfect cake for your friends and family.

By giving them the gift in vouchers, they can choose their own, personal favourite or can save it for their next dinner party or special occasion – so that the dessert course is taken care of – hassle free!

  • All our Gift Vouchers are randomly generated e-vouchers which upon purchase are automatically e-mailed to the address provided. To redeem them, simply enter the code sent to you via email 

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Terms & Conditions

Where you pay the price (in whole or in part) by gift voucher, the following terms and conditions will apply to your use of the gift voucher and you should read them carefully.

The gift voucher:

  1. May be redeemed for Handmade Cheesecake Company products only and the full cost of delivery (if applicable);
  2. Is non-transferable and cannot be sold, resold or redeemed in whole or in part for cash or any other form of credit. You should therefore note that if you choose to purchase goods of a lower value than those described on the gift voucher, we will neither issue you with a gift voucher for the remaining value nor will we pay you a part cash refund of the gift voucher but we will hold the balance which you have not spent to your credit to be used against further orders;
  3. Subject to paragraph 2, may only be used once and we keep a record of all current vouchers;
  4. Is valid for an indefinite period.

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